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Set an appointment to come by our Atelier to view the range of State Property collections, consult our expert team on our bespoke services, or browse our range of Bridal jewellery — all of this over a warm cup of tea.


As our Atelier is undergoing a little makeover at this time, we will arrange for each appointment to be at a comfortable location that is convenient for you.

Having said that, we are very excited to host you in a very fresh Atelier early 2019. We have been working closely with a very talented team of people to realise a memorable and beautiful new space that we cannot wait for you to experience. Sign up to our newsletter to stay informed.

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The Atelier

81 McNair Road
Singapore 328554
+65 6803 8005

Open for appointments on:
Mon – Fri, 3pm till 8pm
Sat, 11am till 4pm

Closed on Public Holidays