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Bridal by State Property

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Bespoke Bridal Jewellery

Our Bespoke Bridal service is a lovely way to devote your energies to creating the piece that you have glimpsed in your imagination but have not yet come across. It is a deeply rewarding experience inviting you to witness the evolution from the draft designs to stone selections.


Whether it is a minimalist elegance or a bolder sophistication that resonates with you, choose from split shanks to pave settings. Mould it in precious metals of your desire to be tailored with brilliant cut or even fancy cut diamonds. 

For those with a taste for rare gemstones, view your options at your fingertips. Each diamond is sourced on-demand to ensure that prices remain competitive whilst allowing us to deliver diamonds that truly match your needs.



Alternatively, explore our range of engagement rings and wedding bands.


Engagement Rings

Browse the precious rings that celebrate extraordinary attraction, weighted with the promise of eternal commitment.


Wedding Bands

Browse the Eternal Ensemble, our selection of made-to-order wedding bands manufactured by our dedicated German partner, August Gerstner. Leveraging more than 150 years of experience in crafting enduring rings, we offer wedding bands with unrivalled beauty, comfort and quality.