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Cosmic Orchestra

A harmonic sequel to A Chromatic Interlude


State Property proudly presents Cosmic Orchestra – a harmonic sequel to A Chromatic Interlude. This canon of six glamorous earrings continues its exploration of the symbiotic melody between space and time.

Delicate clusters of coloured gemstones dangle from the ears to play with interpretations of momentum. Cosmic Orchestra uses static versus motion, frozen versus flowing to create statement pieces with humour and whimsy.

This collection also introduces more pieces to the “Never-the-Same” jewellery series, featuring precious one-of-a-kind gemstones.


Crafted entirely by hand, the earrings of Cosmic Orchestra are made from 18K Gold and 925 Silver. The collection encompasses a playful array of coloured gemstones that have been carefully and individually sourced. 

Special attention has been given to tailoring pieces, that are accessible and highly wearable, for the modern consumer.

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