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A Chromatic Interlude

An interlude to life’s monotony, A Chromatic Interlude celebrates the innumerable shades of who we want to be. The collection features an array of colourful pieces for bodies. Compose yourself. Sincerely and with no apologies.

How we adorn ourselves, silently portray who we are. Dress not to impress, but to simply be.



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Marching to this beat, State Property meddles with alignment, sequence and typology. Drawn to the deliberate displacement found in music, the duality of syncopation is at the crux of these pieces.

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Akin to moments frozen in time, these pieces are but parts of a larger whole.

The Chromatic Interlude is about an attitude.

So here is our ode to the individual.

May you step to the music you hear, however measured or far away. May you compose yourself

Chromatic Interlude Lookbook 12-brighten.jpg

Crafted entirely by hand, The Chromatic Interlude is made from 18K Gold and 925 Silver. The collection encompasses a playful array of coloured gemstones. 

Special attention has been given to tailoring pieces, that are accessible and highly wearable, for the modern consumer.

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