Allegory Noir Lapel Pin

Allegory Noir Lapel Pin


Being decked-out in a full assembly of black and white  doesn’t have to be mundane with the Allegory Noir Lapel Pin. Monochromatic tones are enhanced with shades of green and purple on a single black Akoya Pearl and a narrow belt of diamonds. 

This lapel pin is named after the literary device, allegory, abstract ideas and principles are described with a purpose of teaching or explaining an idea or a principle, usually a moral lesson. 


All dressed up and ready to rumble,
Sweeping past the crowd, excited for the big night.
Reached, and stole a mirror glance,"Oh-no! My ever-linked companion, how could I forget?”
Alas, that once the night trembled.
If only this Allegory was remembered. 


About the collection:
State Property's collection of Fine Jewellery, Unfold, delves into the world of layers - teasing the mind to what is, isn't and the manner in which it is revealed. Every piece in this collection is named after literary devices commonly used by story-makers. Learn more about collection here.

Available in:
18K White Gold with Black Akoya Pearl and White Diamonds
18K Yellow Gold with Black Akoya Pearl and White Diamonds
18K Rose Gold with Black Akoya Pearl and White Diamonds


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