Dupin Bracelet

Dupin Bracelet


The luscious unadorned gold links of the Dupin Bracelet drape the wrist with no apparent beginning nor end, thanks to a cleverly integrated clasp. With a full-bodied presence, this bracelet expresses an uncompromising feminine strength. Its beautifully balanced weight means the Dupin Bracelet is certain to be a permanent fixture on your arm.

Dupin is named after Le Chevalier C. Auguste Dupin, a fictional character created by Edgar Allan Poe, in some of the first-ever made detective fiction stories. He is not a professional detective and instead uses genuine intellect and creative imagination to solve crimes. Using fascinating methods of backward reasoning, visual, sensual and aural cues as well as body language reading, Dupin is considered an enigmatic detective who often thinks alike and ahead of the criminal in order to solve the mystery.


About the collection:
State Property's inaugural collection of fine jewellery, Substate, is a collection that strikes the balance between functionality and aesthetic. Substate explores the idea of highlighting parts of the body, particularly in a contemporary visual context of materiality and fashion. This invisible background of this collection Substate is the human body, taking conceptual reference to how jewellery completes voids on the body. Explore the subtle statements here.

Available in:
18K Rose Gold

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