Poirot Necklace

Poirot Necklace


The Poirot Necklace is the flagship of the Substate collection. Just under 400 pavé set white diamonds frame the base of your neck. Exuding a tastefully quiet presence, the Poirot Necklace dazzles just the right amount.

Poirot is named after Hercule Poirot, a repeating and long-standing character of Agatha Christie’s books. He is a clue-based and logical Belgian detective who prides himself on getting people to talk, in order to solve the mystery. He has a tricky way of obtaining the information he needs: Poirot supplies false or misleading information about himself or his background to assist him in uncovering the details— and it works all the time. 


About the collection:
State Property's inaugural collection of fine jewellery, Substate, is a collection that strikes the balance between functionality and aesthetic. Substate explores the idea of highlighting parts of the body, particularly in a contemporary visual context of materiality and fashion. This invisible background of this collection Substate is the human body, taking conceptual reference to how jewellery completes voids on the body. Explore the subtle statements here.

Available in:
18K White Gold with White Diamonds
18K Yellow Gold with White Diamonds
18K Rose Gold with White Diamonds

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