Rhyme Minor Earrings

Rhyme Minor Earrings


The Rhyme Minor Earrings trick the eye with the appearance of free-hanging pearls. These reverse-edged earrings are accurately balanced by a single stroke of gold and diamonds, giving the pearl the full exposure they deserve. Augmented with a path of diamonds, this piece certainly charms. 

These earrings are named after the literary device, rhyme, the repetition of the same or similar sounds occurs in two or more words. 


A seed, a bauble, still as glass
Dangling, but barely, a capsule amass.
Performed on the body, is a stable dance
Keeping you enraptured till the day end.


About the collection:
State Property's collection of Fine Jewellery, Unfold, delves into the world of layers - teasing the mind to what is, isn't and the manner in which it is revealed. Every piece in this collection is named after literary devices commonly used by story-makers. Learn more about collection here.

Available in:
18K Rose Gold with Akoya Pearls and Champagne Diamonds
18K Rose Gold with Akoya Pearls and White Diamonds
18K Yellow Gold with Akoya Pearls and White Diamonds
18K White Gold with Akoya Pearls and White Diamonds


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