Frozen in time, a rutilated quartz simultaneously grows inwards and then out — enveloping all it comes into contact with. Vivace features a hinged black rutilated quartz with a kite shaped stud, marked by three white sapphires. The prong set quartz has a subtle motion, allowing this object to approach and recede. Catalyse your surroundings and make your own.


Never-the-Same pieces are made by choosing the highest quality gemstones available, to create jewellery that evolves with nature's offerings. The variations in pricing reflect the consistently unique combinations of stones used in each piece.


Cosmic Orchestra

About the collection:
A harmonic sequel to A Chromatic Interlude, Cosmic Orchestra features delicate clusters of coloured gemstones dangle from the ears to play with interpretations of momentum. This collection uses static versus motion, frozen versus flowing to create statement pieces with humour and whimsy. Cosmic Orchestra also introduces more pieces to the “Never-the-Same” jewellery series, featuring precious one-of-a-kind gemstones. Experience the Orchestra here. 


Sterling Silver

High Polish

Black Rutilated Quartz and White Sapphires

Approximately 23 x 110 x 15 mm

This item is carefully made-to-order by our skilled craftsmen in Singapore and will take 2 weeks to ship.


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