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Objects of Substate


State Property strives to establish a harmonious existence between objects and jewellery. This relationship between object and jewellery is explored through establishing frameworks, distinct to each collection. 

Substate jewellery is result of understanding how these pieces lived on our bodies. Through the objects of Substate, we wanted to see where they would exist without. 



Black Vegetable Tanned Calf Leather


The Hudson Clutch features silhouettes responding to those of Holmes and Watson, that embodies the spirit of hiding in plain sight.


It frames the life of the jewellery when removed from the body, paying attention to the journey of jewellery returning to their roots of becoming a metal object of weight and impact. 


Bedside Table
Teak Wood


Timothy is a bedside table made from stained teak wood. It features an indented silhouette on the top surface and a drawer to house antidotes to the everyday noise.


This bedside table features silhouettes responding to those of George, a ring that mirrors your fingers in the inner slope to reveal a secondary window. Every landscape possesses a point of stillness.


Timothy is designed to be George’s oasis, a surface where George can silently slip into slumber.



Brass & Maple Wood


Porter is a polished brass mirror that stands upon a bed of maple wood. It features a shallow recess into the maple wood with an impression of Queen’s resting shape. 


Queen is a ring that playfully uses two silhouettes, that hover between metal and flesh. Porter is about the experience seeing yourself and the object as two separate entities, then being able to watch them merge into a singular landscape as you slip it onto your finger.

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