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True luxury is when you know that what you have is one-of-a-kind, and bespoke only to you. In the Realise category, we collaborate with our clients to craft a bespoke piece of fine jewellery from scratch. Be it to create a unique piece to house a rare gem that you have procured, or to mark a truly special occasion.


Read on for stories that we are honoured to have been a part of.


The Anniversary Gift

Celebrating the milestones in life, a 10-year anniversary gift is no exception. This couple came to us to help them memorialise the occasion. These pendants were deliberately designed to represent their most meaningful times together. 

Drawing inspiration from their fond memories of horse-riding, a pendant was designed in the form of a horse hoof, for the lady. Doubling up as a ring, this piece was made for her to wear it as she sees fit, so it may always be kept close to her. 

For the man, a double circle pendant was designed, with the inner ring made to rotate a full round. Signifying a perfect circle of their 10 year marriage, this piece wears close to the heart.


Hers – 18K White Gold with Blue Sapphires,
His – 18K Black Gold



Celebrating New Additions

Welcoming a newborn into the family is always an occasion to be celebrated. What more when there are two of them. 

Traditionally, the giving of a gold gift from the grandparents to the grandchildren at their one-month celebration is a show of their deep love. We were commissioned to design a pair of his and hers baby bracelets. But our client wanted a design that would enable the bracelet to continue being used as the children grew up.

Steering clear of child-like aesthetics, the bracelet has been designed to be timeless and ageless in its allure. Sprinkles of gold and sapphire charms adorn a chain that is adjustable in length, ensuring that the child will never outgrow it.


Baby Boy – 18K Rose Gold with Blue Sapphires,
Baby Girl – 18K Rose Gold with Purple Sapphires


A Personal Reward

Sometimes you know you deserve a treat. And who better to decide what that should be other than yourself.

Our client came to us looking to commission a ring that represented balance, and with a jade element. Inspired by his sense of style, we designed a substantial ring with a clean rectangular cross-section. And to symbolise balance, brushed-matte gold transitions seamlessly to a custom-cut piece of jade. The elements join at precise angles, giving the ring a different look when worn in different ways.


18K Yellow Gold with Jade