Bespoke Bridal Jewellery and Engagement Ring Services


Rings have no start or end, a symbol of infinity and endlessness just as love should be. Worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, it is believed that the vein in this finger leads to the heart.  

State Property aims to provide a ring that echoes your love story and is as alluring as your special one.

1)      Bespoke Engagement Ring


Nature and everlasting love are one and the same, revolving around the idea of eternal life-giving through deep and continuous nurturing. This bespoke engagement ring models after nature, as a symbol of love that has wonderfully transgressed over time.  

Conceptualised in accordance with the couple's time studying in Australia, it encapsulates the groom's adoration for his extraordinary lady and evokes memories of their time spent together in adventure.  

Reinventing the shape of the Jacaranda tree, the ring is made in 18K Rose Gold with a tree bark texture and matte finish. It features brilliant white diamonds neatly intertwined within the grooves of the branches – painting an exquisite and mystical picture of their love for each other, and the outdoors.  

This bespoke ring reflects the idea of a life-long love where couples can seek to trust and commit to each other in the years to come.


Si Dian Jin (四点金), or four points of gold, is an intricate four-piece jewellery set presented to a bride by the groom's parents. It originated from Teochew culture and consists of a pair of earrings, a necklace, a ring and a bangle.  

Beyond a gift to welcome the bride into the family is a promise to always care for and shelter her. Over time, this practice has expanded out of Teochew culture and into most Chinese cultures.  

Originally strictly only made of gold, the heirloom-quality Si Dian Jin has shifted to become more versatile. Modern couples have started opting for other materials, such as silver, while maintaining its air of elegance. This also helped demystify the common generalisation of Si Dian Jin being old fashioned and unsuitable for daily wear.

2)    Bespoke Si Dian Jin


This bespoke Si Dian Jin collection was made to offer the brides a splendid array of options to choose from.  

Interestingly, the client came to us to repurpose her own Si Dian Jin for her two daughters.  The materials were split equally, but re-made differently to represent the distinct personalities of each daughter. The State Property team spoke to the daughters to find out about them, what they liked and the role of jewellery in each of their lives, before restructuring and reorganising the arsenal of stones and gold. 

Instead of keeping it away in a safe box, these sets of sparkling gems have been modernised into wearable pieces of jewellery, unique and perfect for the brides and in time, to be passed onto the next generation.   

Let us help you create bespoke jewellery and bespoke engagement rings, for you and the ones you love. Book an appointment with our Atelier today.

Valerie Toh