Collection Spotlight: Substate Bridal

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At State Property, The Substate collection continues to evolve magnificently, with a striking extension of six bridal rings all perfectly crafted for both men and women.

This article gives undivided attention to the Substate’s bridal jewellery in Singapore. It is a collection of rings that celebrates the remarkable moment of meeting your match; one who completes and complements you. It is designed to mark the union of a man and woman, to commemorate endless love and the start of a beautiful commitment as lifelong partners.

Our bridal jewellery in Singapore reflects an exceptional representation of the perfect emblem of marriage. The rings emphasise the commitment to the relationship each individual has, as they evolve and discover themselves in the union. The rings completes voids on their fingers perfectly and thoughtfully. As the ring fills the void on her finger, it signifies the progression from single-hood to marriage.

Our made-to-order engagement rings in Singapore are carefully handcrafted in either 18k Gold or Platinum, with each piece being accentuated with white diamonds. A GIA-certified diamond solitaire of a carat weight of your choice is accurately set out in each engagement ring.


State Property Substate Bridal Charles Pavé Band RG.png

A momentous ring from this collection is the Charles Pavé Band.

The inspiration of the Charles Pavé Band comes from the powerful relationship of the fictional married detectives, Nick and Nora Charles. It takes unflinching motivation from the duo’s robust relationship as they set out to solve their crime crusade.

This dynamic duo represents everlasting love as they adopt an exciting partnership between individual personalities and quirks that come together through a sincere relationship with one another. This makes them outstanding and is a distinct feature of the contemporary vibe it places on the classic wedding ring in Singapore.

Their robust relationship is identified through the Charles Pavé Band turning it into a flawless representation of eternal marriage. The Charles Pavé Band is a classic wedding ring in Singapore which reflects the dynamics of love, one that does not fade with time.

A delicate set of pavé diamonds finishes and refines the Charles Pavé Band. It adds on a simple and elegant touch to its appearance. The diamond-accented dimples hug the sides of the fingers or feature at the top and bottom of the finger, as you wish to wear it, turning the ring into a friendly companion.

The Charles Pavé Band takes on a unique but classic form, reconstructing its image in a contemporary light. It is more than meets the eye when you take a second peek into its simple structure, resonating an echo of quiet confidence. Like they always say, “good things come in small packages”. This ring is sure to be a great addition, a subtle statement for your every day, till death do you part.


State Property Substate Bridal Hayes Diamond Ring 3 WG.png

Another distinct and unique piece from the collection is the Hayes Diamond Ring.

Maddie Hayes, a fictional character of a popular comedy-drama television series is the inspiration behind the Hayes Diamond Ring. She is a reliable and independent character in the show who falls into a deep romance with the later-partner David Addisson. They will form a fascinating relationship as a crime-fighting couple. Their relationship transcends the boundaries of marriage as they go about fulfilling crime mysteries amidst their perpetual romance. The bold display of the ring is the perfect reflection of this relationship and can be taken as inspiration for contemporary couples in this day and age.

Crowning the Hayes Diamond Ring is a brilliant-cut diamond which marks the peak of love. It is perched atop a supporting bridge of smaller pavé-set diamonds. Its outstanding form represents endless harmony in love, and a precious promise. This ring is a manifestation of all the essential experiences shared between couples, celebrating these moments as the rock to a stable and harmonious relationship.

Undeniably, the Hayes Diamond Ring impresses the spectator with its focal solitaire diamond. However, the row of pavé-set diamonds bridging the finger are a treat meant just for the couple, a sincere touch for the grand gesture.

The Substate Bridal Collection is a versatile one. Being made-to-order, customisation options are abound, making sure there is a perfect piece for each individual. Each ring embodies a unique personality for itself, distinguishing the one it adorns.

View this collection in person and learn more about your customising your ideal ring. Make an appointment to visit our atelier now.