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Substate, The Collection


In the book Point and Line to Plane, Wassily Kandinsky wrote that form, in all its types – natural and artificial – is a significant manifestation of reality, and can only be understood in relation it its ’invisible background‘. 

This invisible background of State Property's inaugural jewellery collection Substate is the human body, taking conceptual references to how jewellery completes voids on the body.


Substate explores the idea of highlighting what is missing on the body, particularly in a contemporary visual context of materiality and fashion.




Quiet Confidence,

Subtle Statements.


Crafted entirely by hand in Singapore, Substate fuses traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Special attention is paid to tailoring products with accessibility and wearability for the modern consumer. Diamonds are included as subtle embellishments, selectively paired with 18K gold. 

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