State Property Eternal Ensemble Wedding Rings Campaign

An Eternal Ensemble

Rings for a discovered destiny


State Property introduces a selection of wedding rings. Celebrating your destined union, these precious made-to-order rings commemorate a sacred commitment.

Like extraordinary love stories, each ring within the ensemble is machine-hewn from a single solid block of metal, and thus is truly without a beginning nor end.



100% Made in Germany

For this ensemble, State Property is proudly partnered with August Gerstner, a leading global wedding ring manufacturer. Continuously managed by one family for more than 150 years, the headquarters and production are in Pforzheim, Germany's Goldstadt or 'Golden City'.

As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, Gerstner is resolute in employing responsible ethical, human rights, social and environmental practices. And together with their commitment to quality, our shared values have brought us together to present to you An Eternal Ensemble – a carefully curated selection of wedding rings.

Empire – 18K White Gold

Empire – 18K White Gold


A wedding ring represents something of abyssal beauty and must live with you from year to year.

The rings in this ensemble leverage on Gerstner's expertise – 150 years of experience in producing rings at the highest level of comfort and tailored fit.

Amber – 18K Yellow, Champagne & Rose Gold

Amber – 18K Yellow, Champagne & Rose Gold


Our manufacturing partner, Gerstner, is a global entity steeped in heritage; yet it boldly embraces new technology and employs innovative techniques, resulting in distinctive, high-quality pieces.

An Eternal Ensemble includes a selection of rings made of fused golds – intriguing multi-coloured masterpieces that harness luminance.

Monocle – Palladium 500

Monocle – Palladium 500


Our selection of wedding rings are available in 7 precious metals in a variety of finishes:

  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • 18K Rose Gold
  • 18K Champagne Gold
  • 18K White Gold
  • Platinum 950
  • Palladium 950
  • Palladium 500

With the complete fabrication process conducted at their Pforzheim premises, including the manufacturing of their own alloys, Gerstner guarantees an outstanding surface hardness on their metals.


Visit our Atelier for a private viewing of An Eternal Ensemble by making an appointment with us. We would be happy to host you. 


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