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A must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, convertible jewellery is a statement piece you can wear on your wrist Monday morning, and around your neck Friday night. It is a versatile line of jewellery that can easily meld into the modern, dynamic lifestyles of today.

State Property’s adventures in interchangeable jewellery started back in October 2015 through the creation of convertible earrings. When it comes to fine jewellery, craftsmanship is everything. It ensures the dependability

Anaphora Gold Necklace

Anaphora Gold Necklace Transformed

Convertible Gold Jewellery

The versatility of convertible jewellery is what differentiates it from the rest. Whether you want to look polished and glamorous one moment or bring the best of your personality out the next, this line of jewellery will be your new best friend (maybe even before diamonds!) in every situation.

As the crux of the range available, the Anaphora Choker is a gleaming example of the convertible jewellery. Every link of the choker is specially designed to also be a clasp, allowing you ease of wear and customization as you will. It can be worn as a necklace, choker, a choker with a pendant, or whatever your imagination allows it to be.

The Anaphora Choker is part of the Unfold collection that delves into the world of layers and names every piece in the collection after literary devices. Named after the literary device, anaphora (the purposeful repetition of the beginning of a sentence, thereby leading to an artistic effect), it is no wonder this timeless piece boasts its repetitive yet artistic design. It is available in three different variations – 18K Rose Gold with South Sea Pearls and Champagne Diamonds, 18K Rose Gold with South Sea Pearls and White Diamonds, and 18K Yellow Gold with South Sea Pearls and White Diamonds. Learn more about pearl jewellery.

Drew Pave Earrings

Drew Pave Earrings Transformed

Diamond Earrings, Diamond Pendant, Or Both?

With some convertible jewellery sold in parts, the process of collecting and adding new pieces into the collection is also a novel and exciting experience. What started off as a simple ear stud could later be remodelled into an extended drop earring or even a necklace pendant!

Originating from the radiant single halo of diamonds of the Drew Pavé Earrings, the Drew Pavé Drop Earrings are the perfect example of an intricate and novel collectible, convertible jewellery experience. With the purchase of the drop extensions, what started off as a little twinkle on your ear lobes with every step will morph into suspended chains of dazzling seduction with even the slightest of movements.

As a part of the Substate collection that strikes the balance between functionality and aesthetic, the Drew Pavé Earrings are named after a mythic hero – Nancy Drew – as an expression of wish-fulfilment and an embodiment of young femininity. She is cited as a formative influence by important change-making women, and a cultural icon to many. Choose between 18K Rose Gold with White Diamonds, 18K Yellow Gold with White Diamonds or 18K White Gold with White Diamonds, and begin your collectible journey with us.

In every collection launched annually, State Property has an estimate of two to five convertible pieces, allowing choices above choices! Now, strict work dress codes will no longer impede you from the bold accessories you were planning to wear on your night out!

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