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Breathe new life into your weathered jewellery with our Restore service. Be it a broken stone, or metal that has come undone, we find creative ways to restore your precious pieces.

Read on for stories that we are honoured to have been a part of.

The Broken Quartz

We all have pieces that we love dearly, especially when they carry deeper meanings. This client came to us with a damaged rutilated quartz, and wanted it reset into a pendant she could wear during events. She also shared with us that aside from its sentimental value, the stone also bore symbolism in Feng Shui.

Our designer worked to conceal the crack of the stone within her design. We noticed that the client was also attached to the form of the stone, so we wanted to respect that and kept the original shape intact. The design struck a balance between the traditional yet contemporary, keeping in mind the stone’s roots in Feng Shui. The damaged parts of the rutilated quartz were bolstered by a caged wave motif and were further embellished by diamonds.

A Broken Bracelet

This teddy bear bracelet came to us broken and tarnished, yet heavy with meaning. As a piece that was once worn all the time till it was broken and forgotten, this bracelet holds a special place in its wearer’s heart. This is the beauty of jewellery – that besides being objects of adornment, are vessels of memories and sentiment.

We wanted to remember what was broken, and celebrate its subsequent repair. The original bracelet is made on 925 Silver. We made a rubber mould of the teddy bear units to be as faithful to the original as possible, and cast a brand new one in 18K Yellow Gold to replace the damaged link. The difference in colour and material is clearly seen, and thus an allusion to the story that lies behind this piece.

The use of gold emphasises the preciousness of this bracelet – a bracelet that carries the memories of a childhood only the wearer would know. And the diamond set at the heart of the gold teddy bear symbolises what’s truly important.

Whilst precious metals like gold and silver are not the toughest of metals, their resilience in being worked, and then reworked again and again make them perfect for enduring artefacts. And as with the work we do, and the precious pieces we work with, we hope that this piece can be something the wearer can pass down from one generation to the next, and that the significance of this piece will continue to grow.

A Loose Diamond

Not every restoration is a dramatic one. Sometimes, the simplest of fixes is enough.

A client brought in a pair of earrings that had a diamond that had come loose, not an uncommon issue with fine jewellery. It is a quick fix, and made easier as the client had the diamond that had come off.

Over time, stone settings can loosen. We recommend checking the settings on your jewellery regularly. If you do find a loose stone, send your piece to us, or your regular jeweller, to tighten the settings.

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