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Allegory Major Earrings White Diamond

Available in 18K Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold, the Allegory Major Stud Earrings is a careful composition of gems and jewels. A lustrous Ayoka pearl sits at the heart of each piece, nestled amidst two rows of small pavé diamonds that intersect perpendicularly.

The delicate balance of diamonds, gold, and two iridescent Akoya pearls make these stud earrings a versatile piece that you can wear anywhere. From a casual day out to a formal event, the simple yet striking design adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to the look.

Pop On Your Jewellery With Sapphires, Ruby, Or Tsavorite

Allegory Major Earrings Blue Allegory Major Earrings Red Allegory Major Earrings Green

If the classic pearl is not your thing, spice up your ensemble with a touch of colour. The bestselling Allegory Major Stud Earrings are now available in blue, red, or green. The blue stud earrings feature deep blue sapphires around Lapis Lazuli spheres set in 18K Rose Gold. The red and green versions are set in 18K Yellow Gold, featuring bright red rubies with blushing Rose Quartz spheres and vivid tsavorites with dark green Malachites spheres respectively.

With colours that have been carefully paired to complement gently, there lies a unique character in each of these arrangements. Compared to the classic diamond and pearl variant, the vibrant pops of red, blue, and green lends a touch of zestfulness to the wearer.

What Is In An Allegory?

Allegory Major Full Pavé Stud Earrings

These earrings are named after the literary device, allegory, which refers to a story that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, usually with a moral or political reference. Whether it’s in storybooks, animated films, or paintings, an allegory is composed to hint subtly at invisible but pertinent issues around us.

The beauty of allegories lies not only in its representation, but also in its subjective interpretation. For it’s up to each individual to look beneath what he sees.


Again, a peeking pair of pearls,

Again, a wispy loop of sparkle.

Again, she makes a round with no end in mind, but yet

Alas, that once the night trembled.

Again, she arrives to steal away the spotlight.


Fancy these lustrous and versatile earrings? Take a closer look at the Allegory Major Full Pavé Stud Earrings in our online store.

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