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Substate OG B+W


Dr. Seuss once said, “You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.”

At State Property, the art of fine jewellery is more than skin deep. Look deeper and you will find a trove of delightful discoveries. Bold and contemporary forms encapsulate a soul that gives each piece an undeniable character.

This article turns the spotlight to our very first collection of fine jewellery in Singapore – Substate. A reflection of fine jewellery today, the collection materialises itself in contemporary forms of gold and thoughtfully placed diamonds, designed for the modern-day individual.

This collection harnesses techniques both old and new. Computer-aided drawings and 3D printing technology are used to craft the precise geometries of the jewellery. Additionally, the traditional technique of lost-wax casting is employed to form the pieces. For this collection in particular, the pieces are accented with diamonds that are thoughtfully placed using the pavé setting method.

The ready-to-wear fine jewellery found in the Substate collection is in its purest form, highlighting various parts of the body. The jewellery is distinctive and accentuates the shape of the body part it embraces. Take for instance, the Holmes earrings follow the shape of the ear lobes, forming a definitive outline around it. The inspiration behind this is a pure desire to map the body.

The collection draws inspiration from traditional masterpieces, a contemporary fusion of evergreen classics with a touch of modern grace. More notably, the collection represents the human form and completing voids on the body. It signifies the way a woman discovers herself and her body as she adorns herself with the jewellery

In this spirit of discovery, each piece is named after a fictional detective, closely mirroring the journey of seeking the truth. Our fine jewellery in Singapore, identifies with a person on the path of self-discovery. Substate aims to highlight the landscape of the human body, perfectly complementing its natural elegance.

Drew Pave Ring

Subtle Statements With A Modern Signet Ring

One of the favourites from this collection is the Drew Pavé Ring.

The Drew range is inspired by the iconic, young and mythic heroine Nancy Drew. She represents a woman who is fresh, ambitious and finds success in everything she chooses to accomplish.

The Drew Pavé Ring takes on the classic signet form, reimagining and exaggerating it with a contemporary eye. Its concaved polished surface, brilliant diamonds and bold size paired its clean circular form lends it a quiet yet imposing confidence. A master of walking the thin line, the Drew Pavé Ring is the perfect accent, whether worn with a t-shirt and jeans, or a glamourous trailing gown.

Truly a master of the opposites, this ring leverages both the techniques of the old and new. As with all the other pieces in the collection, the Drew Pavé Ring started out as a sketch on paper. We then translated it into a Computer-aided Drawing (CAD) to define its geometries to extreme precision, from which a 3D-printed ‘master’ was formed. From there, our skilled craftsmen took over, applying traditional goldsmithing techniques used for generations. Each Drew Pavé Ring is cast, polished and stone-set by their artful hands, resulting in a crisp and lustrous hand crafted ring that has benefitted from the best of the old and new


Drew Full Pave Pendant

An Everyday Companion With A Modern Gold Necklace

Also part of the Drew family, is the Drew Full Pavé Pendant.

At State Property, each decision is a conscious one. From the conceptualisation of each collections to the design of each piece of fine jewellery. Substate is the essence of what came from careful research, thought and reflection. The craftsmanship of the pieces are also a result of tireless testing and rounds of improvement.

To elaborate a little on the craftmanship, each diamond on the Drew Full Pavé Pendant is set painstakingly into neat concentric rows, a particularly challenging task on the concaved surface. Each setting is also smoothened out to prevent the pendant from catching onto the fabric of your clothing.

And it is in these details that the pieces are truly differentiated. A similarly fastidious approach was also applied to the design details of each piece. For instance, the pendant’s neatly integrated bail allows it to move freely on the chain, yet does not distract from the geometric form of the pendant itself. The reverse side of the pendant is also beautifully finished so you can never really catch this piece at a ‘wrong angle’.

The Drew range is bold yet subdued, much like the various design families of fine jewellery that make up the Substate collection. With a quiet confidence, the pieces of the Substate collection are your subtle statements for every day.

Rediscover yourself with our collection of ready-to-wear pieces.

If you are in Singapore, make an appointment to visit us and view the the Substate collection in person.

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