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Udan Liris Motion

Something old, something new. 

It was an exciting time for us. 

State Property was one of the few fine jewellery brands in Singapore selected to participate in RISING50 through “RISING Fashion”. An amalgamation of “RI” for The Republic of Indonesia and “SING” for Singapore, RISING50 was a celebration of the half century of strong bilateral ties between the two countries since 1967. 

Organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore (TAFF), DFW Creative and Galeries Lafeyette Jakarta, “RISING Fashion” was a creative showcase aimed at strengthening those relations further through fashion collaboration and empowerment. 

As an emerging purveyor of good jewellery design in Singapore, the team at State Property is always proud to fly the Singapore flag high.  As part of the celebrations, we launched Udan Liris, a fine jewellery capsule collection, at the Galeries Lafayette Jakarta, Indonesia in August 2017. 

Udan Liris marked our first foray into the Indonesian bespoke and fine jewellery design market. Its inspiration lie in some of the most beautiful Indonesian fabrics.

Contemporary Fine Jewellery With Classic Patterns

Translated into “drizzling” rain in English, Udan Liris draws inspiration from the rich history of Indonesia’s native batik craft. The main inspiration for the fine jewellery design in the collection is the diagonal lereng (directly translated as “cliff” in English) pattern, which symbolises fertility, gratitude and determination. 

The lereng pattern is one of four designs that were once forbidden for use by commoners, being strictly reserved for the Sultan and members of the royal family in the 18th century.

With the gradual shift from monarchy to democracy, however, those days are long gone. Versatile and elegant, our meticulously handcrafted fine jewellery isn’t reserved only for the royals. Udan Liris pays homage to the everyday royal; the modern individual with the truest sense of self.  

The lereng motif traditionally features 45 degree slanted rows of 5, 7, 9 or 11. This is incorporated into the design of our Udan Liris fine jewellery Singapore collection, which are aptly named after synonyms of rain such as Dew, Mist and Mizzle.

Dew Earring

Dew Earrings

Mist Ring (Udan Liris)

Mist Ring

Mizzle Earrings (Udan Liris)

Mizzle Earrings

Each piece features clean, slanted geometric lines. Contrasted with the shimmer of a fine drizzling rain, baguette-cut coloured sapphires set in precious 18K rose gold makes for cherished fine jewellery that fully encapsulate the rich complexity of royal Indonesian batik. 

This truly brings renewed meaning to the old adage, "something old, something new”.

Traditional, yet contemporary, they are the new everyday luxuries; a collection of fine jewellery that make the perfect statement pieces for both day and night wear.

Each piece in the Udan Liris fine jewellery Singapore collection has their own story to share, as you do. The Mizzle Earrings, for example, is the only piece to ripple with every turn of the wearer’s head. Continuing State Property’s signature exploration with frozen versus motion pertaining to good jewellery design in Singapore, the coloured sapphires streak through the slanted rose gold rows like fine multi-coloured rain.

You can dress up a crisp everyday work shirt with the Drizzle Brooch, or allow the slanted bezel-set coloured sapphires in the Mist Ring to sit regally between your fingers, reminding you of the refreshing colours of morning rain.

Something old, something new.

Udan Liris is luxury, redefined.

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