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Allegory Major Necklace Allegory Major Choker

Full of care; full of consciousness.

Moments of time in thoughtfulness.

At State Property, our approach towards good jewellery design in Singapore has always been the same — to handcraft fine jewellery in Singapore which encapsulate exquisite tales of carefully weaved inspiration and emotion.

Unfolding the untold, you’ll discover that the handcrafted fine jewellery in our Unfold collection are no exception.

In 2017, the Unfold collection launched as a tightly curated 7-piece edit of fine jewellery in Singapore. With Unfold, we had initially looked to the life-cycle of stars for inspiration. Interestingly, we discovered that while big stars die in a spectacular explosion known as a “supernova”, smaller stars (e.g. the sun) die by slowly shedding layers. Also known as “nebula”, these unfolded layers become floating debris, a nursery for new stars to form.

Yet, even with how quickly light travels in the split of a second, this entire process is incredibly lengthy — well beyond our years. Hundreds and thousands of years may have passed by the time we see a star die.

Having said all of this, stars and death make for a pretty grim, downright depressing topic. However, what we took away from this discovery was how we could encapsulate the layers of one’s personality and the unfolding of their life journey through fine jewellery design in Singapore.


Fine Jewellery Starring, Your Story

Drawn to the methods of unveiling a story, each piece of handcrafted fine jewellery in the Unfold collection are real page-turners. Lying in the cusp of the past, present and future, each capture the moment of a fleeting scene where something is about to unveil, but is yet to be.

Likened to literary tools used to add depth, interest and intrigue, each jewellery design carries more depth than meets the eye.

For example, in writing or speech, the deliberate repetition of the same or similar sounds in two or more words is an artistic, poetic effect known as rhyme. Yet, each word stands on its own in a sentence, as with our Rhyme Pave Bangle — two similar, yet uniquely different pearls, rest effortlessly on your wrist opposite each other, forming a deliberate space for where your story completes all.

Creamy Akoya Pearls join luscious South Sea Pearls in carefully handcrafted 18K Rose Gold and Yellow Gold, with your choice of Champagne Diamonds or White Diamonds. The decision to use pearls in the Unfold fine jewellery collection in Singapore was also a conscious one. Derived from the concept of layers, pearls are also only formed through layers of nacre, secreted over many years around a foreign object in an oyster. Learn more about pearl jewellery.

Visually, we applied this inspiration to the fine jewellery in the Unfold collection by selectively exposing the pearls in various states of reveal. From encasing the pearls in solid metal to having them rest atop gold wire-frames, each fine jewellery piece in Unfold plays on the notion of secrecy. This could be said for our Inversion Pendant, where others cannot see what you can.

Explore State Property’s expanded collection of fine jewellery in the Unfold collection. From lapel pins to pendants, a number of more masculine pieces have joined our line-up to further our obsession with the unfolding of literary masterpieces.

Designed for you, not for anyone else.
Other people might have the same, but this has your story attached to it;
you give it your meaning;

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