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Traditional, yet progressive; bashful yet self-assured.

The State Property person is confident in their sense of self. Of strong character, always on the go; thrives in the limelight, but also enjoys watching the room. They look for quality, not quantity. 

Founded in October 2015, State Property is the best jewellery shop for the modern individual, offering a curated range of handcrafted, luxurious ready-to-wear and bespoke fine jewellery in Singapore. We also provide quality customised jewellery services for bespoke bridal gifts and engagement ring design in Singapore.

As an emerging fine jewellery brand in Singapore, we are the brainchild of our founders, reputable contemporary jeweller Lin Ruiyin and luxury industrial designer Afzal Imram.

Yet, fine jewellery design and industrial design could not be any more different than each other. Being on the opposite ends of the design spectrum, good, fine jewellery design is very emotionally-driven and focused on fully expressing one’s self, while the latter champions logical problem-solving and rational thinking.

Yet, State Property was founded to be a harmonious amalgamation of both, encapsulating everything quality fine jewellery design is—beautiful objects that adorn bodies.

Observations of the world around—art to science, architecture to Mother Nature—inform each highly researched, tightly curated bespoke and fine jewellery collection that State Property launches.

Welcome to the The Statement, where we will inform you more about each piece in State Property’s bespoke and fine jewellery collection. From the unique qualities of gold, to the art and science of pearls, learn about the characteristics that goes into each of our jewellery designs and we’ve turned abstract concepts into beautiful, fashionable pieces.

Unfold your story

Navigating the cusp of design and art, State Property’s award-winning subtle yet adventurous silhouettes have left their mark on the world.

Yet, it’s not all about jewellery.

Glamourous fine jewellery is as important as the physical glamour of the jewellery piece. Its design is extremely personal, reflecting the fine jewellery wearer’s personal story and sense of style. 

For every piece across our bespoke and fine jewellery collections, there are also specific concepts and stories tied to them—such as in how they presented, whether in photographs or overarching graphic and promotional visuals specific to the collection(s) they belong to. 

To quote art historian Damian Skinner’s Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective: “The body moves in the public domain, and makers hope their work will piggyback on this mobility in order to engage with reality, be relevant, modern, activated.” 

The Statement will uncover the stories that we hope each piece in our bespoke and fine jewellery will hold for you. The untold aspects of these stories, too; the aspects that have only been briefly explained in a line or two. 

The State of Our Future

We are very excited; there’s a lot happening on the State Property team’s plate this year. We are charting out into exciting, yet unknown, waters with new designs in the works across our ready-to-wear and bridal jewellery in Singapore. 

We want you to come along with us on this exciting journey.  Keep up-to-date on everything we do from in-depth stories about every piece of fine jewellery, as well as exclusive updates and launches here.

Handcrafted with you in mind, this is your State Property. Know what inspires us, and what will inspire you.

Welcome to The Statement. 

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